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overtrained, what to do?


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My training history of late looks something like this:

3* 4 weeks of Squat day, Bench day, Dead day, Dip day. Ramping up over 3 weeks
4 weeks 5 excersises * 5 days per week * 5 reps per session.
4 weeks Bodyweight drills whilst travelling
4 weeks 5 excersises * 5 days per week * 5 reps per session
3 weeks hybrid of Steve justa singles deadlift routine * 5 days per week and RKC shoulders, clean and press ladder routine.

I am not feeling good at all, i feel severley burnt out, what can i do to get my deadlift and press moving again?
Do nothing. Eat lots. Sleep until you wake without an alarm.

get lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Use the last week of the month as a backoff week. Eat plenty of protein throughout the day. Use glutamine and creatine. Sleep more. Restart your next cycle with a plan for ramping back up to your volume gradually. What is your training goal? zach_x@hotmail.com


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do 1 -2 weeks easy

what help you is to make 2 weeks of easy training. cut the weights to 50% of that what you usually uses for 6 reps... or more its your choice.
make with theme 4´-6 sets with 6 or more reps easy. and this for every exercise 2 times a week.
this would help you and also would help you from losing power through pauses.


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Take time off, i was ina similar situation recently, rest is really where it's at. Take like 5 days off and jump back into it. Sleep plenty, and eat a lot of food to rebuild you strength. It might be hard to force yourself to take that time off, but you'll be glad, you just gotta do it.
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