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Parkinson and KB lifting


New member
Does anyone here have experience with parkinsonian people taking up KB lifting?

I have am old friend of mine who came to visit me today. He is in his late 50s, and have been a quite good track and field athlete in his youth. He has tried to remain active througout his life, doing running, swimming and gymnastics, but unfortunately for him, the disease has started to take an ever growing toll on him during the last few years, and he has more and more difficulties even in his daily life.

As we were chatting, I have showed him my KBs, and explained him what could be done with them. After a few minutes of introductory explanations, he was performing a very decent two-handed swing with one 36 pounder, with good hip drive and smooth lowering. He just LOVED the feel of it!... He felt quite invigorated, and for a moment, forgot about his illness. His doctor is a quite progressive man, and he is not against him taking up weight training. So he is seriously considering giving KBs a good try...

Is it possible to improve the nervous state of parkinsonians thanks to KB lifting, or at least to slow down the degenerative process going on?


New member
If he enjoys it and it makes him feel stronger, who cares? I would, however, consider sticking with swings and other non-overhead movements. The chief difficulty with parkinsonian disorders lies within the brain, not the peripheral nervous system. I would see kb training as a way for him to garner the benefits of exercise and strength training without worrying about dropping a barbell on his chest.
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