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Pavel always advises you not to let the kettlebell hit you on the head.


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Hello folks,

Check out this video on Andrey Kuzmin's web site. It can be found at http://www.girevoysport.ru/video.htm. Click on the bottom video link that says:

From World Championship 2005:

Jerk in 90+ kg weight class

(The video file is about 3.2 MB in size, and is a 38 second clip)

This is a 90+ kg competitor doing the double jerk. He completes 156 reps, then his right arm gives out, and after that everything falls apart. But you have to hand it to him, this guy is tough.



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I mastered the head bonk

In my first competition I mastered the head bonk, using the 53.
But the 72... I have much to learn.

But seriously, the man is amazing.


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John Brookfield and the 50 pounder

I recall some time ago on the Max Kettlebell forum a performance posted by John Brookfield with the 50 lb KB.

He had posted that he had totaled 500 snatches; 250 with his left arm and 250 with his right arm, back-to-back, within 20 minutes. The amazing thing about this is that he said he didn't even train for this feat, but was simply changing up his stamina training.

After a follow-up email with him, he had told me he performed this feat with no fatigue in his hands. I wonder what kind of performance he could give if he went to his max?

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