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Pavel's Hit the deck program


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I found what I think is the program. Please tell me if this is it.

Week 1
Monday 100% test then 30% of max every 60 min
Tuesday 50% of max every 60 min
Wednesday 60% of max every 45 min
Thursday 25% of max every 60 min
Friday 45% of max every 30 min
Saturday 40% of max every 60 min
Sunday 20% of max every 90 min

Week 2
Monday 100 % test then 35 % every 45 min
Tuesday 55% every 20 min
Wednesday 30% every 15 min
Thursday 65% every 60 min
Friday 35% every 45 min
Saturday 45% every 60 min
Sunday 25% every 120 min

Week 3
Monday 100% test do your sets from the time you get up
to one hour before bed.

If this is right please tell me. And I have a few general questions. I know you can't lift weights while doing this but can you do aerobic training and/or sprints? Also, how many exercises can I do this plan for at once? Can I do only pushups or can I do pushups and chins at the same time? Pushups, chins, and situps or is this just too much? And what type of training would be best to precede the Hit the deck program? As of now I am going through a program low in intensity and high in volume and plan to do it for 3 more weeks and then try the Hit the deck program. If this is ok please let me know. I'm sorry about all the questions but I never could find an actual article on the program. Thanks guys.


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Long reply...

I followed the program over Christmas and also did pull-ups (using ladders every day). All I know is that it was too much for me and after 1 week my total reps went down. This couldve been overtraining or the fact I had cold. But after a couple days of rest my total reps went back up and beyond what I started at. Also whilst I was doing it I was always hungry, so ate constantly. If I did the program again I think I would just do push ups and probably rest the Sunday before the maximum test again. But everyone will be diferent.

This is the article that Lemon emailed me a while ago. It has some nice tips for your push up form too.

1) Rationale for the program:
A two week bout of super high reps will give a 'jump start' to the capillary
growth in your chest and arms. Alternating high rep program with low rep
high tension techniques is a great way to attend to all the 'growth factors'
a rounded athlete needs.

The program is an example of 'Grease The Groove' - by doing easy sets of
pushups every hour all day, you teach your nervous system to be extremely
efficient at doing pushups. Because you never go to failure (or even 'on the
nerve') except once a week, you are teaching your nervous system to succeed.

2)Proper pushup technique:
- Place the weight on the bases of your palms, rather than closer to the
fingers, and make as if to 'grip the ground'. Don't actually grip too hard,
but this alignment activates more muscle fibers in your arms.
- Look straight ahead rather than down at the ground. Tension in the neck
extensor muscles facilitates a stronger contraction of the elbow extensors.
- Synchronize your breathing to your movement.
- Try to rest your muscles on the way down. Find a rhythm and stick to it -
rhythmical activity takes a lot less energy than non-rhythmic one thanks to
'central pattern generators' in your nervous system.
- Take advantage of the elastic rebound on the bottom.
- Keep your tail tucked under and your body tight - active extension of your
torso, legs and feet as a solid unit make pushups easier.
- Do not constrict your chest, keep it wide open. This will slightly reduce
your range of motion, pre-stretch the pecs for more power, and protect your
shoulders from injury.

3) General rules of thumb for 'Grease the Groove'
- Never come close to failure except when testing your max.
- Vary the reps and the rest periods between sets daily
- Build up cumulative fatigue.
- Taper down before a peak maximum effort day
- For the pushup program the only other upper body exercise you do should be
pullups/chinups. You should NOT lift weights or do high tension upper body
exercises while on this program, you will over train.

4) The schedules:

'Hit the Deck' program (relatively easy)

Week 1 Relative intensity Set frequency
-------- ------------------ --------------
Monday 100% test; then 30% of test max # reps every 60 min
Tuesday 50% 60 min
Wednesday 60% 45 min
Thursday 25% 60 min
Friday 45% 30 min
Saturday 40% 60 min
Sunday 20% 90 min

Week 2
Monday 100% test; then 35% of new test max # every 45 min
Tuesday 55% 20 min
Wednesday 30% 15 min
Thursday 65% 60 min
Friday 35% 45 min
Saturday 45% 60 min
Sunday 25% 120 min

Week 3
Monday 100% test

'DROP and Give Me 100!' program (for winning contests with Army Rangers)

Week 1 Relative intensity Set frequency
-------- ------------------ --------------
Monday 100% test; then 40% of test max # reps every 60 min
Tuesday 50% 30 min
Wednesday 70% 45 min
Thursday 40% 60 min
Friday 80% 60 min
Saturday 55% 90 min
Sunday 20% 90 min

Week 2
Monday 100% test; then 90% of new test max # every 120 min
Tuesday 45% 60 min
Wednesday 20% 10 min
Thursday 65% 90 min
Friday 75% 60 min
Saturday 30% 90 min
Sunday 15% 120 min

Week 3
Monday 100% test

5) Additional info for the schedule;
- If you are forced to miss a session or two, don't worry about it - just
get back into it as soon as the boss is looking the other way (or whatever).
- If your first test stopped at 50 reps, then you do 25 reps on the day that
calls for 50% relative intensity, etc.
- Do the sessions all day from the time you get up until an hour before you
go to bed.
- You will feel a major pump and you will be incredibly sore for the first
few days.
- You will make great gains without ever going to failure or collapsing, so
stay well within your limits.
- Don't do this for more than two or three weeks - this program builds
sarcoplasm (muscle jelly) at the expense of contractile fibers, and staying
on it too long will cause you to sacrifice contractile fibers.

6) High tension techniques for test/max sets when you are almost at the end
of your rope only:
- Grip the ground with you fingertips - not fingertip pushups, just imagine
that you are trying to leave claw marks on the floor.
- Clench your glutes hard and squeeze your abs.
- Squeeze your thighs tight together.
- “Screw your hands into the floor“ as if you were breaking a stick over
your knee; grab the floor tight and apply torque to it, clockwise with your
right hand, counterclockwise with your left. This should send a wave of
tension going from your hands, through your forearms, all the way to your
pecs, for a burst of power when you need it the most.
- Hold your breath on exertion or employ power breathing ('Tssssssss!“)
- Do all of the above during the actual rep; relax as much as possible at
the lockout, and take a few breaths before the next rep.
- These techniques should easily add 5 reps to your max total.
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