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Pavel's New Abdominal Book

This is the first I have heard of an upcoming Abs-specific book, but between the hanging-leg raises and Bulletproof Abs what could there be to cover?


New member
No help on the new book (I saw it mentioned some time ago, but not for a while) but thanks for posting the old interview...great stuff. As I was working on hamstring/hip mobility last night, I kept thinking of of it...and as with many things, I think Pavel was/is right, my brain limits my flexibility as much as anything else. Now the splits--that is still unimaginable. :)


New member
There is also a great Article by Pavel in the latest Milo on Yang/Yin Breathing. He goes over L-seat Hangs, Stirring the pot, Planks, BU work, Breathing behind the shield etc

John Du Cane

Staff member
Yes, we have both a new book and DVD on abs work by Pavel coming out in a couple of months. We won't be providing detail until they are available.
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