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Pavel's Protocol


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I notice Pavel often focuses on protocols that involve 2 exercises only. Simple and sinister for example, uses swings and get-ups. Quick and the Dead focuses on swings and pushups. He went on Rogan's podcast and said he has been doing swings and dips. At the end of Enter the Kettlebell dvd, he recommended snatches and overhead press. So the pattern here is a pull and press or more specifically a hinge pull, I'm thinking; swings, snatches or deadlifts, as opposed to pullups or rows for the pull. So I am wondering if he has found an optimum hinge and press? Or would he recommend changing the pull and press a couple times a year? Obviously no one can speak for Pavel but him.. but what would you recommend in your experience?


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Just listening to that podcast and I did get the impression that he thinks swings are optimum hinge i.e. by far most band for the buck. Me, I can't really do dips due to funky shoulder so that's out for me. Currently doing TGU's with extra floor presses. I think in some ways "optimum" is one you enjoy doing enough to continue over time. Then change it up every once and awhile to stay fresh. Also, adding in "other" stuff per your goals


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I am thinking that too. I also think he switches it up occasionally. I am doing kettlebell daily but low volume. Squats, swings, overhead press, rows and one arm pushups. I am using the 53 pounder. It feels pretty complete to me. I been on it for just about 10 days and my physique is changing already but I sure wake up sore!


Personally, I don't think only 2 exercises is as functional as adding some other stuff. If you only do swings & dips from The Quick & The Dead, then you're not working your neck or much of your pulling musculature (I know, the swing is a "pull," but it doesn't incorporate the bicep or back like getting up & over something).

Now, the swings & dips from Q & D, neck planks, some kind of full extension squat (maybe get-ups with the sandbag, I hear the Turkish get-ups work every abdominal muscle if its 50lbs or over), some muscle-ups & landing (I figure both have to be developed)- NOW that seems like a system to me.


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Personally, I don't think only 2 exercises is as functional as adding some other stuff.
It depends on your goals. Yes, if your goal is to work every muscle in your body, then add thing. But if your goal is good basic strength and conditioning for daily life and very casual, non-competitive sports, then a hinge and a push cover most of the bases.


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I think a hinge and a press is basically just missing a pull.

So you could go dips...swings...chins

Or deadlift...dips...chins

Those will get you strong

To truly complete a full body program you need...a squat...hinge...forward press...overhead press... and a row (pull). However dips hit the shoulder well enough you could get both presses out of the way with that.

Dips...swings...chinups will carve you into stone.


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Like geoffreylevens said and stujitsu alluded to, the program you choose depends on your goals. The Pavel programs you mentioned aren’t designed to be the end all be all for professional athletes or competitors at any level or in any sport. S&S would be a good program to add to a MMA fighter’s training routine, but that program alone would not cut it. They are for anyone looking to increase strength and build a stronger body that’s useful for real world activities. They require minimal equipment, minimal time, and most of all, minimal technical expertise where it takes lots of teaching to learn.
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You’ve got to realize that the focus is trying to break it down to basics. You’re right that he focuses on two movements, a hinge/pull and a press. But if you read carefully the primary protocol focuses on two specific movements but always throws in other movements as light days or warmups or something else. There’s always variation. It’s never “do these two moves and nothing but these two moves forever.” If I had to distill it the teaching would be: practice all movements, especially squats, for warmups; for pulls usually swing but sometimes snatch; for press TGUs or OAPs; and always have some days where you practice other movements, too.


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I note Pavel regularly specializes in protocols that involve 2 sports simplest. Simple and sinister for example, makes use of swings and get-ups. Quick and the Dead specializes in swings and pushups. He went on Rogan's podcast and stated he has been doing swings service and dips. At the stop of Enter the Kettlebell dvd, he encouraged snatches and overhead press. So the sample here's a pull and press or greater particularly a hinge pull, I'm questioning; swings, snatches or deadlifts, in preference to pullups or rows for the pull. So I am thinking if he has observed an superior hinge and press? Or could he endorse converting the pull and press a couple instances a yr? Obviously no one can speak for Pavel however him.. But what could you suggest to your enjoy?


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The protocol is Pavel is a Liar.

Every thing he does based off Yurri V’s body of work Olympic lifters in that school typically did their main lift and then a second lift to reinforce specific weaknesses if they felt up to it, then took a break and then squatted later in the day.

So Pavels template is really Yurri’s stuff in a new box.

1. Main lift
2. Core lift
3. Lift again later
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