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Hey, guys, i just wanted to say that i think there is a lot of tension in this forum lately. I think we tend to argue over stupid things, and we should really learn to respect each other more. I myself and others get heated over disagreement and such, and it's really not worth it. I think we're all poretty healthy people, and if we could just learn to except other peoples diet we will probably be able to help ourself too by borrowing idea from one another. i think that we can all agree that proper dieting comes down to 2 things:
1) eating god, wholesome natural, unprocessed foods.
2) Keeping calories under control.
I really thing we tend to over analayze things like "are grains good, fat bad, rice good or bad, etc?" and i'd like to apologize for disrespecting some peoples ideas. To be honest, when i originally got into health and fitness, the first thing i did to change my life style was i ate less food (especially processed), and exercised more. I actually ate a high grain diet, and felt really healthy, strong, and was lean. it's just all about control. This might stir up an arguement, but i'm honestly going back to that diet now, and giving up on low carb. The reason for it, is for one, i think it is a much more managebale diet to eat grains, fruits, vegetables, beans, eggs, lean meats, and nuts, because there i smore variety, and it's easier to find food choices when you;re on the go. it also takes less time to prepare food. secondly, it allows much more freedom in my social life, i don;'t have to turn down food every time someone offers when i'm on a more balanced diet. I'm probably going to do something like The Zone, but wihtout all that counting, just try to keep proportions good. This is going to eb a sample daily diet for anyone interested:
Breakfast: 1 slice of sprouted whole grain bread with alittle butter slathered on.
One broccoli floret
an apple, and 1 hard boiled egg

Lunch: a PB/almond butter sandwich with spouted grains again
a small chciken breast
One string cheese stick

Dinner: 2 Taco's wiht extra lean meat on whole wheat taco shells
1 Broccoli floret
a handful of some type of nuts

I'm not going to eat this exact same diet everyday, but this is a general template for it. I'm going to keep a calorie chart on my refridegerator so i can moderate my calories. keep getting lots of exercise also.
P.S. Sorry for the extremely long post, i just thought it would help.


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I'm going to keep fruit to a minimum, as i personally can't tolerate it well. When i eat fruit, i get a major sugar rush, and then feel very tired afterward. With grains and veggies, i feel like I have a constant flow of energy, no brain fogginess or lethargy. I plan on maybe having 1 red apple a day and then keeping the rest of my diet mostly grain and vegetable based with small portions of hard boiled eggs, lean meats, and fish.


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I agree. There is wisdom to be learned from everyone's dieting and life experiences..."each man is my superior". In the end, we are all just trying to be healthy and sharing what has worked for each of us: getting high blood-pressure by discussing heatedly nutrition and health is kind of a paradox. The human cost of getting stressed out is not worth it for any of us.
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