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Pictures needed..

Michael Kinnett

New member
I tried copying pictures out of my Naked Warrior E-book but, well I just can't figure out how lol..

Can anyone help me get the pics of Pavel doing one arm push-ups, the pistol illustration and maybe badass Steve Cotter doing a rep with two 72's racked and maybe even Brad can send me his pic from Ironmind of him doing a one armed chin with the pinch grip going on lol..

someone help :)

Michael Kinnett

New member
Pavel, John DuCane... i hate to ask this..

I would like to post some of the pics from my NW E-book on another forum to give a great visual of the exercises Pavel and Steve C. display. However the security has been set by the author to not allow copying of images from the PDF file..

Is there a way I can get rights to do this? or do either of you have these pictures stored anywhere online for referencing? maybe you can shoot me links of the illustrations of OAPU's and the pistol ill. with top, middle and bottom positions?

if this isnt possible, I wont really understand lol, these pics are perfect illustrations and great advertisement.. they should be all over the naked warrior page where you can order this great product..

John Du Cane

Staff member
Pavel, John DuCane... i hate to ask this..

Please email me at jducane@dragondoor.com and we will see what we can do for you in terms of permissions.
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