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Pistols in the Pool


New member
I'm new here and in the middle of a series of surgeries for a torn quad tendon in my right knee. Obviously pistols as described in NW on that side are currently out of the question, but I have found that it is possible to do them in the pool. By moving from deeper to shallower water you can actually adjust the effort necessary to complete the motion. I realize that the point of this board is not to find ways to do things easier, but circumstances sometimes dictate modifications...

Never, never give up!!

Thomas Andersen

New member
Cool. Thanks for the tip man. Am currently trying to master the pistol and it is damn hard. I use a stack of yellow pages to cushion the blow of my ass hurdling towards the ground like that meteor in Armageddon..

Good luck with the knee...


Josh Hillis

New member
That's really cool

'Course I don't have a pool handy, but that is a great idea for progression that never occurred to me. I really like that it lets you go through the entire motion well before you've worked up to it.


New member
Someone mentioned this a few months ago...

Read here for more: http://forum.dragondoor.com/training/message/290590/http://www.geocities.com/dirtyley/
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