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Pre-Deployment question.......should I do anything different?


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Hello all, I found out 2 months ago that my unit is mobing in Oct, 2013.....this is my 1st deployment. We are going to Kandahar, Afghanistan. For now my routine is Turgish Getups, lots of swings, pullups, and bench press( once in a while). I write this because I have no clue what to expect over there, and if a different protocol is in order. Like, will the heat play a part in my training? do I have to train differentlly because of the heat? will I have less time to train and how do I accomodate? you know things like that.....or am I missing something? All the help will be much appreciated.

- PFC Mitchell US Army Reserve 74D CBRN
( I am assigned to a transportation unit, so I assume we will be doing alot of convoy's.....I dont know ):confused:


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The tempo of unit operations will determine what you need to do to maintain your strength training. Play it by ear for a few weeks. Find out what the other guys in the unit are doing if they train. You are in a Motor-T unit so you should be able to train pretty much the way you like. Not too physically demanding. As long as your training does not effect what you do job wise you will be fine. The ETK PM will work well.

This time of year where your going I think it will be much more cold temperatures you will experience. High elevations and wind in winter time. But it will be dry so drink alot of water at every opportunity. Never been to that part of the world but I know deserts and high elevations in winter is not considered hot. You may be swinging the kettlebell just to stay warm. But other vets may correct me if I am wrong about the climate. Stay safe and train smart..Dennis


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I have some friends who have been over there. Most of them said they had more time to train on deployment than while at home. One of my friends always came home ripped after a deployment then got soft again.

I just looked at weather.com for you. Looks like the next 10 days are highs in the 70s with lows in the 40s and 50s. So expect chilly nights while you are out there.

Good luck and stay safe and thank you for your service.
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