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proper muscle building/strength building diet


New member
I'm currently on a regimen that consists of eating six smaller meals a day along with one whey protein shake, mixed with ground up bananas and peanut butter. However, no real gains have taken yet. I got this current regimen from a book called Eating for Life by Bill Phillips. I don't know if anyone here knows of that book or author, but I am wondering if his regimen is the best for building muscle mass and/or strength. As stated before, I eat six smaller meals a day, and the meals are balanced between PORTIONS of foods high in protein, carbs, and essential fats. Bill Phillips describes a portion as roughly the size of your fist for carbs and the size of your open palm for protein each meal. Later in the day, I throw in a whey protein powder shake with bananas and peanut butter.

As I've said before, I don't know if this is the best route to take in order to gain muscle mass/strength. My weight has not increased since starting this diet. Does anybody know of any other diet I could use for this goal?

Brandon Marone


Without being an arse the diet your on and almost any 'sensible' diet will help you towards your goals. It seems you are looking for muscle size and the simple solution is to check that your training is conducive to building muscle and make sure you are eating enough to sustain this. Where the 'enough' comes from doesn't matter so much. Paleo, Precision Nutrition, Anabolic diet, etc etc will all work. Lift heavy, eat a lot, sleep a lot repeat.

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