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PTP and marriage


New member
Com Pavel, my wife wants to thank you for convincing me to deadlift without gloves. My hands are now so callused that her nylon/spandex slip
looked scratched as soon as I ran my hands over it. Back rubs are no longer requested. Is PTP and marriage compatible?

Steve W.

New member
Com. Preston, I use a pumice stone to file down my calluses. This doesn't eliminate them, but make them a little flatter and smoother. It also prevents hot spots from forming under them and keep them from ripping off.

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Preston, sorry, skin care and marriage counselling are not my strengths ;] Then again, SHE could give YOU a back rub instead. Wear gloves if you must but if I catch you I will have you drop and gimme 50!
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