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pull up bars need advice

motorhead ll

New member
hey all i need a little advice on a good portable pull up bar outside of martones 400$ rig.I have seen bunches of them but want a good one ,no junk, figure you guys would know. watcha like?Worse comes to worse Ill buy martones and be doing the most expensive pull ups around.


New member
I use Lifeline-USA's Jungle Gym.
Lifeline offers other chin-up products as well.

Rings would work too.

The Door Gym is another option

Ross Hunt

New member
Rings work - ringtraining.com

You can do pull-ups with any grip, plus ring dips, plus ring stunts, anywhere where you can find a tree.


New member
Try Nate Morrison's single point suspension system. It set me back about $90.00 but it is really cool. You have to try so much harder to get it, my numbers on stationary bars like the T.A.P.S. bar have sky-rocketed. You can get it at torqueathletic.com
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