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Punch: Att: Comrade Garm


New member
Comrade Garm and other wise party members:

I am a relative newcomer to this board. I arrive with no knowledge of the warring posts that preceded my arrival.

I do know that in the short time I've been visiting I have already learned a great deal from you Comrade Garm, (thank you for the heavy bag advice and the wrist exercise!) and I hope you will continue to contribute for a very long time.

To paraphrase a quote I once heard attributed to Vince Lombardi, "What's a small detail?"

When punching and/or doing knuckle pushups is the "emphasis" on the middle finger knuckle, the middle and index finger knuckles, all knuckles, the flat expanse between the pointer finger and pinky finger knuckles, or something else? Is the wrist "tilted" so that "emphasis" is on one or another, or straight and neuteral?

A slight shift in course can make a huge difference as a ship travels a great distance. I know the slightest shift in wrist position emphasis can as well. I appreciate the course correction! What's a small detail?

Comments on other strikes on the bag would be appreciated as well. ( At his LI seminar Pavel commented how the part of the hand to "break a wall" with was the side aspect of the palm heel. How to work that in to "bag work?"

Finally, I appreciate and see the utility of your no gloves, no tape training. It is hard for me to imagine striking an opponent repeatedly for 15+ minutes though. Do the hands/knuckles adopt to this sort of training without looking bloody, blistered, knarly and like, "What does that guy do?" in any social setting? ( to the extent that might be a concern of course.

Thank you.




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Re: Big Questions

Comrade Eddie,

You're asking questions that have divided martial artists over the years to the point that which knuckle to punch with has resulted in entire traditions and styles. It's impossible to say who is 'right', just what is 'right' for your specific tradition. I believe in situational correctness, so it depends on what is happenening at any given moment. I'm going to assume you are talking western boxing or Japanese or Korean karate.

Emphasis is on the first two knuckles equally. Your wrist is locked, so that there is a straight line between the above knuckles and the bone in your forearm. For most other strikes, use the same wrist position (knife hand, ridge hand, hammerfist, thumb knuckle strike, leopard fist, fingertips, etc.). For a palm heel, just rotate your wrist back a few degrees - no more than is nescessary to get your fingers out of the way.

You can definitely hit a bag without wraps and not gnarl your hands. If it's canvas, it may take some getting used to, but the vinyl or leather ones require no conditioning at all. A human head is much harder than a bag or even a wall, so you'll need your weapons conditioned a little if ever called upon to use them.

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