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Q for Rob Lawrence re: Alan Calvert et al.

Kenfolk RKC

New member

I've noticed your mentioning Alan Calvert's Super Strength book a time or three. What recommends it to you?

Also, other strength &/or flexibility books you'd recommend. (Or anything else for that matter!)

I've been reading/doing Moshe Feldenkrais and related regimens (Thomas Hanna -- Somatics, etc.) I find that along w/ the "shoulder rolls/neck rolls" (not an apt description) on S. Sonnon's Maximology tapes, they recharge me & give new meaning to "core" and neural "intelligence" -- esp the day after high-intensity KB sessions. I've started doing KBs one day and core/flexibility drills the next, otherwise I get way too tight. The fact that I'm 55 may have something to do w/ the need to unwind & recharge.

For morning "wakeups," I do a combo of Pavel's Martial Power "recharge" exercises & Hanna's "Cat Stretches" found in Somatics.




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Kenfolk, FYI.....

If you look at this website, it has the chapters Of Super Strength so that you can view them. It also has some other older books broken down by chapter. Good stuff!



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Alan Calverts original Milo Barbell Course

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