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Question for Green Ghost re: 3 pood...............

Shawn M

New member
Just trying to set up some long term goals and looking for some inspiration......do you think you could dead snatch a 3 pood (assuming they make one) for 7 reps right and immediatly 7 reps left, rest 60 seconds and do it again for 10-12 minutes? Sorry this is a kind of corny question, but I really need to be inspired to go through the pain I am going to endure.....but I want to do this with the 3 pood.....I know you are already taping plates to your 2.5 so is this pretty realistic? I am pretty lean at 275 and I read that some of those european KB experts and doing some amazing stuff........

Thanks, sorry for silly question, but it would really help me!
I can

I turned my 88lb bell into a 98lb bell the other day and cranked out some snatches with it. It is much harder with platemates on the bottom as the leverage is much different. I did three reps on each side, but could have done more. I think your goal is certainly achievable

Mike Mahler

green ghost

New member
3 Pood Question, Shawn-

OK, 3 pood.... let's say it weighs 105 lbs. For Dead Snatches I
would say no for right now . About 3 weeks ago I dead snatched 103 lbs
with my right arm , and a few days ago I did it with my left. I used
the 88 lber with a 10 lb. plate and 5 lb. plate added on. Now 7 reps
with that weight would equal a 1 rep max of 128 lbs!!! Right now my
bodyweight is around 195 and in order to get that weight up( 128 )my own
bodyweight would have to go up. The key to any type of 3 pood would be
the thickness of the handle. That has to be the most important factor
to mastering it - not the weight itself. Now swing snatches are a
different story. Much easier to do for reps.

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