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Question for Mike Mahler or any other Vegans


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For variety's sake, I'll sometimes have a few days in which I eat strictly Vegan. It does seem to do my digestive system well. I am on a tight budget, however, and it is a struggle just to buy good, wholesome foods. I was wondering how much some of you spend weekly on your food as a Vegan? We have Kroger supermarkets here and I could definitely shop Vegan there, but it would definitely be more pricey.
Vegan diet

I spend around $75.00 or so per week on groceries. You can be more frugal than me if you are not particular about organic food. Personally, I prefer to put my health first.

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re:Vegan diet

Hey, a rather frugal vegan here....
I think you can deffinitely shop vegan and not have it be too expensive. I can usually get all of the neccesary food for a week for as low as 30 dollars ( If I am shopping at somewhere like Trader Joes). If I shop at "Organica Natrual Foods" then it can be a bit more expensive, but I can still get everything I need for anywhere between 50 - 70$. If I go up to 70$ or more it's probably because I couldn't stop myself from buying some delicious vegan oatmeal fig bars from the deli. Or maybe that Curried Tempeh Salad ( Mmmmmmm).
Anyway, bulk whole grains, such as brown rice, are certainly a good idea in a situation like this. I would also suggest any other grains such as oats, amaranth, and especially quinoa, if you happen to really like any of them. Quinoa is really good and really good or you, too. You can probably get some bulk dried beans as well.... black beans, kidney beans, chick peas, split peas, lentils... The variety seems endless ( and delicious).
If you're also looking for a good energy bar that also happens to be vegan than I would suggest ClifBar. If you didn't know already, they are probably the healthiest mainstream bar I've seen out there. Besides, they are 70% organic, delicious (unlike most bars) and I feel that the owner actually has some integrity in his character. Those vegan Organic Foodbar energy bars are amazing, especially the "active greens" one, but they are really expensive. Anyway, I'm getting off topic so I should probably stop. Good luck with your shopping!

~ Tim Miller


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re:re:Vegan diet

All of that sounds feasible....no promises here, but I have started experimenting more with less meat in my diet....it will be gradual if at all...anyway, thanks for the info.


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re:re:Vegan diet

vegan hot dogs. they taste like hot dogs, but they're tofu. my supermarket has a whole little section of fake meat products, its all about the same price per protein level. 3.50 for the package of dogs, which has 80 grams of (all soy) protein. my girl is a vegan, i get fed this stuff sometimes. its not bad once a week, i just wouldn't want to live off of it.

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