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Question for trainers --> Training at commercial gyms?


New member
I'm getting a job at 24 Hour Fitness and at the interview the manager told me basically I had to train according to NASM's OPT model (It's a good idea but has way too many isolation and atypical exercises, as well as little in training common here.)

My question is this, does anyone know a way to get around the OPT model so I can train them how I want? If not, are there any gyms that allow trainers the freedom to train the way one wants?



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I am a trainer at a 24 Hour Fitness, and you can train people however you want. If I wanted to someone to do 10 sets of 20 hang snatches with 15 seconds rest between sets, I would be within my rights to do so. Now your manager may look through your workouts, but if you can justify what your doing then you are fine. The software at 24 Hour also has pre-programed workouts, but none of the trainers at my gym even look at them. You are pretty much free to use your educational background and experience and teach people what you know works. The manager is full of beans because having an NASM certification isn't a requirement for employment, so they really can't force people to use the OPT model. My advice is to take the job and do what you like :)


Josh Hillis

New member
listen to CrazyErk and Steve

First off, I'm a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, an NASM CPT, and an RKC.

Steve is right, the OPT model actually kicks serious ass, and learning it made a whole lot of Pavel's stuff make a lot more sense to me.

CrazyErk is also right, there are a million different training methods at my 24 Hour Fitness. Even from NASM certified trainers.

Oh, and if your manager gives you ANY crap about doing dumbell snatches or jerks, refer him to phase 6 and 7 of the OPT model, snatches and push presses are in there.



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I work at Bally and I use the KB with 2 of my clients maybe one every week or so. They love it and managemnet has said nothing to me.

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