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Question on martial arts

For self-defense purposes, how much will grappling help? Especially against multiple opponents, isnt grappling useless? I mean, if u face multiple opponents, u can always kik some of them below the belt, thereby taking them out for awhile, but what about grappling?
would appreciate, thanx


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If you're looking for something that will enable you to deal with multiple opponents, get a gun.

Attack from multiple opponents is not similar to a kung-fu flick. If they are just a little bit coordinated, you're finished.

I train jujutsu for a couple of months now and I'm loving every minute of it. However, I know that I would be confronted with several attackers, I would start running like crazy (or pull out my Steyr).

Grappling happens. Period. Learn to enjoy the sweat and hard work. Knowing how to grapple can allow you to get to your feet. Learn to clinch from a Greco Roman guy. Add some blades, sticks, guns, and you are getting the idea.

Tom Furman


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For self defence purposes train grappling to know what to do if you end up on the ground and to get off the ground. You should also train in grappling to know how to avoid the ground and put others on the ground while you remain standing up. The ground is the last place you want to be in a self defence situation especially with multiple attackers. I train in BJJ but it is the last thing I would use in a street fight. I only train it for a sport. I think Judo or Wrestling would be better for self-defense because they focus more on standup grappling.


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In chinese martial arts (wushu), grappling and joint control techniques (chin na) are defense methods that you employ if an opponent is too close to effectively punch or kick, or if the opponent has a hold of you.


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Agreed. I practice aikido...

where training against multiple attackers is common, but the best technique is to not get oneself into such a situation and the second best is extrication - getting the hell out of there.
What you need is options and some understanding.

The "fad" of sportive grappling as the king of MA can be a real eye opener when you take it to the street. But the advice given hereby others is right on. If you try competition Ju Jitsu, Judo, Karate or Kung Fu on the street, and you face multiple attackers - you are probably gonna get hurt. Unless the two or three guys are just total morons. I guess that happens.

On the other hand, all of those arts have a more 'streetwise' application that would serve you well in 'combination', as does Muay Thai, Aiki-jutsu, Daito-ryu and others. It's your focus and what you are willing to bring to the fight that matters. Are you the rabbit running for his life, or the fox running for his meal? Remember, you may think you are the wolf, but hey, they feel safe jumping you for some reason.

So focus your training this way. - getting away is best - avoidance is a skill. But sometimes, it's not an option. In that instance, "you will fight like you train - period." So you must train like you want to fight.

So its good to be able and conversant in kicking, punching, grappling. And I don't mean after a few get togethers either. Those skills take time to become fluid and applicable. The better condition you are in, the better that will progress. But only time and experience can make you a good MA. Also, you have to train how you react, don't dick around at all and go for the kill or KO every time. Train away hesitation, and you gain an advantage. Remember, on the street, that can get you jail time too. You can't treat the street, like a battlefield, no matter how bad your neighborhood is.

So if you train to kick, punch, spearhand, rip, shred, scream, bite, poke out eyes, crush the throat, rip cheek skin, smash groins, rip off ears and bash heads into cars, pavement or walls, knees, or oncoming attackers. That is probably how you will react too. Its a good arsenal to start anyway.

You won't absorb this with MA videos either - you will need hands on training, with a variety of partners. An MA school setting. Vids are good once you are proficient in an art, much less so before.


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Opinions on San Shou Kuai Jiao please

I heard that cops in China use this with Chin-na. They say it's very self-defense oriented. I wonder why it's so low profile in North America.

Re: Opinions on San Shou Kuai Jiao please

i kno somethin of it, theres a book floatin around in amazon somewhere. I heard it was developed by the Red Army in China. Its basically like muay thai, cept when u get in the clinch u dont elbow or knee, ur throw the person. Its a combat sport, and a few practitioners were in UFC i tink. Reason why its so low profile mite be b/c it doesnt hav a long history of ancient kung fu "magic"
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