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Staley said you shouldn't try to "explode" a heavy DL off the floor. What does he mean lift it slowly then? I'm not sure I understand. When says "squeeze" the bar off the floor, I visualize myself doing the first pull of a clean. IMO, not conducive to deadlifting max weights?


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I take this as, and really practice with big weights in reality, instead of jerking the bar off the ground by applying all the force quickly, i set me grip and arch, drop down into my pulling position, and harden my abs, lats, erectors, and thighs, and let the tension build up over 2 or 3 seconds before i move the bar off the floor. Think of a saturn five rocket billowing exhaust as the force builds to move the rocket off the platform.

Works great, and is why the first rep of a DL set is the hardest.



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I'll try it....

sure can't hurt. I can really see how it would be important in sumo, which I'm doing right now to work on my weaknesses
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