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questions on pistols.


New member
I decided to leave my DL routine for a while in favor of pistols. What the hell,, I figured even when i could squat 385 8 times a pistol was really really hard so...
I tried them this morning, and found that as I lowered my body rotated inward (clockwise on a left leg pistol).
1) is this normal
2) do you point the gorund foot forward or outward
3) what is a good way to begin these when one un-assited is too much.
4) where should you feel the pull

Comrades I am appreciative of any and all advice on this subject. I want to includde pistols and would liek to hear the party line.
Thank you...
Use a staircase of bench to decresase the range of motion and look for my article called the "stair step approach to One Legged Squats" that will be coming out shortly. I used this method to go from not being able todo one, to cranking out full range pistols with a 50lb Kb for reps in less than 10 weeks.

Steve W.

New member
If your leg strength is decent (as it is in your case), balance is much more of an issue in doing pistols than strength. Try holding a 25lb plate in front of you. This will make the balance much easier. When I first tried pistols I had some difficulty and my ability to keep my balance consistently didn't really take off until after I started adding weight.

Try to maintain a straight alignment, but a little rotation is probably not a big deal. You just don't want your knee buckling inward, the same as with a regular squat.

Also, when doing bodyweight pistols, don't take the direction to keep your shin vertical too literally. It is impossible to keep your balance without the knee coming forward somewhat. The important thing is to keep your weight balanced more over the heel than the toe.
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