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Re: Chest Expander

Re: Chest Expander

Only if you are an idiot that does not know how to use Kettlebells properly. Come on, rubber bands being more effective than Kettlebells, give me a break. I think that the rubber bands have some merit and I use the Power Push up 2 and Portable Power Jumper for Hindu Squats. However, they are not substitutes for the numerous benefits of Kettlebells. If you get your form down on Kettlebells and gradually increase the weight and reps, you will progress injury free.

Mike Mahler


New member
Re: Chest Expander

I also own the PP2 but have stopped using it because
of the incredible strain it puts on my wrists at heavy
tension levels. There's nothing wrong with my wrists
and I try to keep the handles close to the middle of
my palms. Still, I have to use wrist wraps at
heavy tension levels. Plus, the flexible handles
squeeze uncomfortably around my pinkie fingers.

If you do push ups with the PP2 at heavy tension levels,
how do you initiate and end the movement; i.e., how do
you get the handles in contact with the floor and how do
you release the handles? How do you grip the handles
to minimize wrist strain?

Would you prefer stiff (kevlar) as opposed to flexible
(rubber) handles?
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