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Recommendations on getting started on KB


New member
Have been doing PTP mixed with CC for the past 4 months with great results and would like to add KB to the repertoire. I have two questions which have probably been answered in previous posts: 1) Should I purchase all three KBs now or start with the 16kb and 24kb and wait on the 32kb? My current PRs are: DL 365x5 and 410x1; Side Press 85x5. 2) Also, should I get the book or video or both for reference? Thanks in advance.


New member
If you can afford it I would say get the set, you save a little money that way. I started with the 1 pood and it was plenty for me, but you are a lot stronger than I am. I started with the book but had to get the video. I had no idea how to do the exercises without seeing them. Also, Steve Maxwell's video is very good. Enjoy!!
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