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RK folks in NM?


New member
Just wondering if there are any lifters in the Santa Fe/Albuquerque area who are planning to attend the April certification? (besides myself, that is) If anyone wants to get together and compare notes/swing iron before April, I am game.

Mike Romo

New member
I'm not even close to cert yet, but we get together quite often to swing bells. Coms. Monty Singer, Zar Horton, and Tige Watson are all in the ABQ area. I work for Albuquerque Fire Dept with Zar and Tige and we have quite a few FFs who train with KBs we'd love to get someone new into the group. Email me and I can put you on the list for upcoming meetings of the club. mikeromo@comcast.net

Also, check out Jeff Martone's website h2hkettlebells, he's coming to ABQ on the 19th.

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