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RKC Blog: The Kettlebell Get-up in Detail Part 1


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The Kettlebell Get-up in Detail Part 1
By Ryan Jankowitz

If you’re doing Kettlebell Turkish Get-ups, then you’ve clearly invested time and energy in your health and strength.

The get-up is one of the best exercises you can do for total body strength and to prolong your life. Studies have shown that older adults who can “get up” off the floor easily will more likely avoid falls and live longer than adults who need help getting up from the ground.

There are many steps to learn with the get-up, but once you’ve learned the basic movements you can dive deeper and fine tune the exercise for greater strength and safety.

In order to communicate all of the information I want to share with you, I’ve decided to make this a 3-part series:

Set-up, roll to elbow, tall sit (this post)
Leg sweep to windmill and lunge, stand up
Get back down through all transitions, parking the kettlebell, switching sides, and eye position

This post will be a dive deep into the set-up, rolling up to your elbow and the tall sit position. Improving movements will help take your get-ups to the next level.

The get-up actually starts from the... read the complete post here: https://rkcblog.dragondoor.com/the-kettlebell-get-up-in-detail-part-1/
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