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RKC instruction experience (Robert Rimoczi in Munich, Germany)


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I recently had the privilege of receiving private training from Robert Rimoczi (Russian Kettlebell Instructor - Robert Rimoczi) in Munich, Germany. If anyone in the area (just a few hours from Ramstein Air Base) is interested, I highly recommend him (I'm American and I don't speak German, btw).


Here's the review I just posted (10/10):

I recently had a private session with Robert because I wanted to refine my basic kettlebell movements with the intention of progressing with ‘Enter The Kettlebell’ (Pavel’s excellent entry level kettlebell book and DVD) safely and productively. I live in Ramstein, Germany, (I only speak English) and there aren’t any certified instructors in the immediate area. Robert fit me in for an afternoon session while I was on the road for work, passing through Munich and staying overnight at a hotel there.

I have read countless articles in addition to reading ‘Enter The Kettlebell’, and thought I had a pretty good handle on things – WRONG! No amount of reading or online video watching compares to a single session with a good instructor like Robert! In my opinion, personal instruction should be the very first step in kettlebell training for anyone. I’m grateful that I was able to work a session in with Robert before I had a chance to hurt myself or further engrain the bad techniques I had developed working only with articles, books, and videos for two months.

The session was very thorough and covered everything I wanted and more. I had several technique flaws that needed work, and as a bonus Robert verified that I’m physically able to functionally perform the moves safely as well with a series of functional screening exercises (I sleep better now!). I left with a good understanding of how to do the moves for ‘Enter the Kettlebell’ as well as other things that he recommends for general health and fitness. Nothing compares with one on one training for kettlebell fitness, and Robert is a true and dedicated professional who is passionate about helping people and spreading his knowledge and experience. After having significant errors in my technique corrected and proper technique not only demonstrated but performed myself and confirmed in person, I feel safe and confident taking my kettlebell training to the next level! I highly recommend Robert to anyone intending to pick up a kettlebell for the first, 100th, or 100,000th time.

Steve B.

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If your serious about your KB training a session or two from an RKC instructor can be a great experience.Nothing can beat a trained eye to tweak your technique and get you going in the right direction.
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