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RKC snatch prep program - feedback needed

Don Stevenson

New member
Hello all,

I'm looking to do an update on my RKC snatch program and need some feedback from anyone who has used it.

looking for constructive criticism both positive and negative.

I know I emailed the program out to a bunch of people and i'm hoping at least a few people were able to work through the program :)

You can send feedback to fitness@octogen.com.au or post it here for all to see.




New member
I used it and I liked it. I added on alot of reps in a sort time. The only negative that I had with the program was I had problems with my grip giving out when I tested at week 6. I had to give my forearms a break by adding in a back off week. After that I went back to work and I went over my target number with no problem. Hope this helps

Don Stevenson

New member
Snatch program - Version 2 coming soon

Once I've got some feedback i'm going to update the program and then i'll send out the new version to whoever wants it.
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