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RKC thanks bandwagon

Marty RKC

New member
Everyone else is doing it.

Superb work by the Senior RKC instructors as well as assistant instructors.
Steve Baccari and Steve Cotter, thank you for the guidance over the weekend and awesome nail bending BTW. Jeff Martone, Rob Lawrence, Mike Mahler and Brett Jones: it was good seeing you guys again. As for Andrea DuCane, John DuCane and Pavel: outstanding instruction throughout.

Everyone else (victims) had a degree of professionalism in the sense that everyone was there to learn. There were a lot of people with incredible backgrounds and were extremely humble thrown together. It was a privilege meeting all of you. Pavel, thanks for putting me on the spot and tweaking my form with the BtP:)


Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Marty, my pleasure! ;] n/m

Com. Marty, my pleasure! ;] n/m
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