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Rob Lawrence's Posts


New member
Rob, I must concur with the previous post from Iwolf. I also enjoy and have learned a great deal from your many posts.
I've also become as addicted to the K.B.'s as yourself and several others on the board. I view the one arm snatch as the best and most enjoyable exercise I've ever done. Maybe we'll all be able to get together one day and have the first kettlebell competition on U.S. soil, that would truly be a fun time.

Rob Lawrence

New member
Thanks guys! I feel compelled to say I am no great athlete (not false modesty, I really am not), but just a guy who pays attention and keeps at it until I see results.

With such compliments you'll have me posting regularly for at least another six months ;)


Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Timothy, indeed! n/m

Com. Timothy, indeed! n/m
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