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Rock and Roll Iron . 20,440 Lbs.

Dylan Thomas

New member
Got them to kill the Go-Go's and play a real station,all AC/DC,The Cult,Rush and the like for the rest of the time.
Dead Lift regular 255x4, 275x3,275x3, sumo 305x2, r 305x1,305x1,sumo 305x1, rer 275x3, sumo 255x6. 1-3 min rest b/n sets.
Windmills 53kb x 3/3, 36kb x 5/5, 53kb x 4/4.
Competition style Snatches 70kb x 5/5, 53kb x 10/10, 10/10, 12/12, ( This was an experiment based on yesterdays thread-Thinks everyone.)
Front Squats 70kb x 5/5, 4/4, 3/3 53-36kb x 5, 5. 1-2 min rest b/n sets.
Hack Squat 36kb x 5, 53kb x3, 36kb x 10 1 min rest b/n sets.
5 min rest
The follwing drills were done with 20-40 sec rest.
Snatch-pull 70kb x 10, 8
Darc Swings 53kb x20, 70kb x 10.
Open Palm snatch 36kb x10/10, 10/10.
1 min rest
Swings 70kb x 20,no rest 53kb x 20,
2 min rest. Pole Pistols b.w. 188lbs. 3/3, 2/2, 3/3. 10 min. stretch.
Total weight moved 20,440 lbs. I'm feeling it everywhere allready.
Questions,comments,advice? Thanks for reading.
Shugyo! Dylan Thomas,RKCdylanzthomas@yahoo.com
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