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Rookie here. Need a form check for my KB Snatch


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Just started with the Kettlebell workouts. But experiencing a little back pain.I am sure some of it is attributed to bad posture and form.

I feel that I am not using my hips enough. I feel that I am yanking the kettlebell with the upper body a little. Sometimes I also go overboard after lockout.

I especially have trouble syncing the 'punch at eye-level' action. But is the arc too large or something?I dont know. Need some help here.

Below are the videos. Using a 16 kilo bell.Really appreciate all the help I need.
Sorry about the 'front' video. It's chopped off at the top.
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Well, I'm not certified or anything, but I think the problem is with the arc of the kettlebell. I had that problem myself. Watch some Hardstyle Snatch Tutorials and pay attention to their arm. Practice, but be careful!


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Hello there Com.stunna , first off, welcome to the forum....when you said that you have back pain due to probablly poor form....you are right, you just started working out with kettlebells, my question to you is this....why are you snatching right away?

You need to MASTER the swing 1st, now when i say MASTER the swing i dont mean doing 100 reps without stopping, then considering yourself a master....you need to master all variations...2 hand, 1 hand, darc swings, practice flipping the bell.

The 1 hand swing in my opinion is essential in your quest to master snatches, then after you take on swings then go onto mastering high pulls, I will say this if you dont have " Enter the Kettlebell", do yourself a favor and BUY THE BOOK.

By trying to master the snatch before the swing, you are putting the cart before the horse and setting yourself up for injury, failure, and frustration....the snatch is a smooth flowing movement there should be no jarring or discomfort, if there is, then revisit the swing. If you think that swings cant work you out, then you have not been doing enough swings.

Hope this helps, GOD BLESS A-MAN


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Android-Man, You are right. I think I jumped into snatches too soon. I need to master the Swing first. What are darc swings?

I do have Enter the kettlebell and I have read it. I prolly haven't paid as much attention as needed. I shall read it all over again.


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You are missing the most important part....

...on the drop, you are casting the bell -- moving the bell forward with a straight arm.

That pretty much forces you to:
1) squat instead of getting the hips back (watch, your hips go down and no back, and the knees go forward).
2) forces the hips to move early, other wise you would fall on your face.
3) if the hips move early, they move slow, lessening stretch reflex

On the drop, you want to break at the elbow before you move from the shoulder, this lets you keep the elbow in, just like you do on the way up (watch your video, but just keep your eye on the elbow.)


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Rookie, it's good to see you taking up the bells and making an intelligent go at them.

Welcome to the path; it's a good one, but be warned, there are dangers ahead. They have already been scouted out and are simple to avoid, but you must be vigilant. Yes, it's demanding but the results are worth it.

As for your video,
I'd say both Fazial & Android are correct... From the first movement of the bell I did not see a strong hike back with the bell. This led to a poor hip hinge. Which I'm sure that Android saw and correctly diagnosed that you haven't yet mastered your swing.

If you have ETK I'd recommend going back to the 'Break-in-Plan,' followed by the 'Program Minimum.' I spent a whole bunch of time on TGU's, swings, and goblet squats. I still go back to them often. (As a matter of fact, they are the focus of my program now.)

TGU's will help you learn to pack your shoulder at the top of the snatch. (Another problem that I noticed in your side video.)

There are tons of details in 'Enter the Kettlebell.' To get the most out of it, you'll need to re-read it periodically and you'll notice gems hidden inside that you somehow missed. I know I did.

Enjoy your journey...

Jason >>Now RKC
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All good advise. Slow down. Get an RKC appt. Read/reread the book mucho times. Learn the two and one handed swing. Then high pulls. I would also suggest you do your kb practice outdoors. I for one feel claustrophobic and restricted in my movements indoors. Too many distractions. There is a world of difference btwn snatching a kb in the wide outdoors on green grass then in a bedroom filled with clutter. imho..Dennis


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wow.. I did not even look at the way I am dropping the bell. But then If I just drop the bell(falls down straight) how will it form part of swing since Snatch starts from a swing.

I shall start with the Break-In-Olan and then Program Minimum as suggested by you and few others in my other post. Thanks for the warm welcome.

No RKC instructor in my city. Shall re-read ETK again.
Working out in the outdoors is a little tough as much as I love to feel the green grass under my feet. No gardens and open areas near my apartment. Moreover I workout after I get back from work at 8:00 PM. It's too late to work out in the dark.

I am really glad I posted my questions in this forum. I am really thankful for the help I am getting from you guys.
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