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rope for sled dragging


New member
What size and length rope do you recommend for sled dragging (rows). Also, what is the best way to attach it to the sled. Obviously, you're not dealing with a boy scout here.

Steve B.

New member
Use a chain.Go to Home Depot and get some light grade chain with caribener clipsfor each end of your chain.One part will go through your belt and the other through the hole on your sled.If there is no whole drill one and put an eye bolt through your sled and connect your chain to that.I'm still useing the same chain and clips from my first sled from a few years ago.They will last longer than rope.

Zach Even - Esh

New member
I use a carabiner from Iron Mind = $ 5

I use two tow straps, one attached to the carabiner, the other loops through the end of the first strap so now I have a Y shaped rope for rows, presses, drags, etc.


No sled? use a tire, drill a hole and insert an "eye bolt" and do the same as above :)


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