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Russian Deadlift A.K.A Green Ghosts routine


New member
I have three more workouts left on the russian deadlift. I have been using it for the barbell military press and the deadlift. The first two weeks were slightly altered towards a density training emphasis.

At the start of the cycle max deadlift was about 330lbs. Second last workout I did 315 for 3 x 3.

Military press start was about 170 max (all time best was 180lbs). Second last workout did 170lbs 3 x 3.

I would like to point out that my best deadlift was determined at the gym with an olympic barbell with a heavily knurled grip. For some reason this was a lot easier for me as my best deadlift in the gym is 330 and my best at home is 310lbs (My current numbers are based on my home bar). So basically what I am saying is I could probably pull more with an olympic or powerlifting bar. The point is I am making awesome progress with this program. Hoping to press 187 and deadlifting 360. We shall see. Bodyweight 194lbs.

I will be posting my workouts on the training log soon as I have a break from work.

Craig Vogel

P.S Special thanks to Green ghost for his inspiration. After this cycle will be focusing more on physique with a wider variey of exercises with higher volume and cleaning up my diet.


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Speaking of the Green Ghost, where are you? You are missed!

I really miss your posts. I know I'm not the only one that has benefited greatly from your insights and experience.


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Are you kidding? He is a ghost. He is probably trick or treating.

I am with you though the advice he gives is solid and he is not afraid to call bullshit.

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