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"Russian" KB Press


New member
On the RKC dvd, Pavel demonstrates a military press but it is very different to how I used to do them with a DB. I always thought you pressed it straight up while keeping your body tight and straight?

Which way should I do it with my KB? I can do it both ways. WHat are your opinions?

Steve Freides

New member
Look on exrx.net for the Arnold Press. That's more like the RKC military press.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, please, but I believe part/all of the reason for the way the RKC military press works is due to the shape of the kettlebell itself - the weight is not centered, it tends to pull your arm back, so rotating and pushing out seems to help counter that tendency.

I think it's harder to do it your way so if your kettlebell is light for you that may be a reason to press straight up. I have to press outwards on a heavy kb military press - that can make the difference between the weight going up or not for me. I can't say whether it works that way for everyone but you might try a heavier bell and see if it makes a difference to you.

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