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Saxon Bends


New member
In all the descriptions of Saxon bends i have seen two dbs are employed. Can you use one heavier db gripped on the ends? Curious to try the saxon bends but dont have two dbs that are light enough.


New member
You can, but it's much harder to use two weights, as opposed to one matching their combined weight. I use barbell plates held in each hand.



New member
You'd lose a lot of the benefit because the secret is to try to maintain the spacing between the two weights. The side you're bending to tends to fall faster. Do you have a couple of barbell plates you could hold?


New member
Try the fives first. They will feel a lot heavier than you think. The first time I tried them, five seemed light but ten was heavy.


Larry Dibble

New member
Re: Milk Jugs and Coffee Cans

You can use two one gallon milk jugs filled with water or sand.

Also you can take all that change out of your sock and start filling up two coffee cans with the change. Then when you cycle out of the coffee cans empty them and buy yourself some DB's.

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