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Scoliosis & Kettlebells

Tania Poletti

New member
Hi Guys - I've just started training a client with scoliosis. I have performed a FMS Screen on her and can see what areas we need to address however has anyone trained a client (using kettlebells) with this and if so is there anything I need to know or keep in mind?


New member
Shank had mentioned something about contra-lateral single leg deadlifts as a drill for scoliosis. Drop him a line.



New member
I've been working now for almost a year with a client with scoliosis. Most of what we've done has focused on two handed movements initially to help strengthen her across the board, then going into one handed movements so we can start getting her a little more equilateral.

Due to just doing basic kettlebell movements (swings, deadlifts, LOTS of planks, and double cleans) she is in less pain, sleeps better, and has a noticeably improved posture. :D

BJones RKC

New member
I think you are referring to the "home screen" based off of Athletic Body in Balance.

the full FMS screen is 7 movements + 3 clearance tests to assess fundamental movement competency - details on functionalmovement.com and check out movementbook.com

you can PM me with specific questions but follow the FMS results and work on her breathing
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