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Seattle Area - Brief Review of Fireman Tom's KB Workshop


New member
Background: I have used KB's for over two years, and have attended Pavel's KB user workshop. Recently, I have been doing the long cycle C&J, and thought taking Tom's workshop would help me brush up on my C&J technique.

Although Tom taught a KB learner's class, I learned a lot. Tom broke down to the most basic elements every KB move. My clean is a lot more efficient now, and Tom taught me the "six-gun" swing technique that allows me to practice cleans w/ less hammering on my body.

To KB beginners through intermediate KB'ers, I recommend Tom's Workshop.

Fireman Tom

New member
Thanks a lot John! I've worked hard to

break the basics down, and come up with some easy to learn progressions. I know from my coaching days that teaching things in parts can be very beneficial.

I appreciate the feedback, especially from someone who's been doing KBs for over two years.

Thanks again,

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