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Side split question: Pavel or anyone?!

Nick Radonjic

New member
I finally have been ablt to get to a full side split, and I noticed that my knees touch the ground before the rest of my legs. Is this normal? Also, it usually takes me until my last set (my fourth usually) to get all the way down. Why can't I do it on my first set? Just curious. Thanks for the anticipated assistance.


New member

Regarding time to hit bottom on a split. This is normal, after time, practice and coaxing you will be able to slide into a split on your first try. Your leg muscles still aren't convinced they can go that far. Try doing dynamic leg stretches prior to RIS stretches, this will help reset your ROM. Since I have started doing dynamic stretches prior to my RIS stretches, I have made progress. Try doing a relax into stretch method to teach your muscles they can do split. Watch TV or stay in the full split position for a period of time. Try this method. In a seated groin sit with your leg comfortable, when they relax go further. Continue until they are straight out and flip over into a plsit position. Stay there until your muscles relax. This is a very time consuming process, the process may take 30 or 40 minutes. You can't be in a hurry, rushed or stressed while you do it or you will become your own worst enemy. With respect to the knees, not my area of expertise.



Nick Radonjic

New member
Thanks, I appreciate the insight. But before you do the relax into stretch split, not isometric, do you do other stretches also, like hip flexor or hams?

Pavel Tsatsouline

Com. Nick, congrats! An awesome accomplishment! The knees bit is normal, our legs are Y shaped. Get a sllight elevation for your feet, something teh size of phonebooks but sturdy and you will go lower very quickly.
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