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Simple, Challenging, Scaleable Workout

Philip Ross

New member
Simple, Challenging, Scaleable Workout

I had to share this workout. It was such a BLAST and based on my Warrior’s Challenge Circuits. The best thing about this workout is that it’s simple and scaleable. So, whatever your audience is, they will be able to perform the workout and benefit from it. Win/Win all around. Since this workout is time based, those who want to push the limits can do so by increasing the weight and the reps. Those who aren’t ready to go full tilt, can scale back both. Participants who desire to find a middle ground can pace themselves. This workout is based on a 1 hour (55 minute) class.

Here we go!

the 1st 10 minutes includes 3 minutes on the jump rope and 7 minutes of Primal Move. This gets the core temperature up and “lubes up” the joints.

Bodyweight Circuit: 16 minutes. Here we will perform 4 Bodyweight Exercises for 1 minute each and then repeat the circuit 4 times. No rest. The exercises are Pull-ups, Bridges, Push-ups and Squats. Here also encourage your clients (or yourself!) to work to their abilities. Utilize the variations for the listed movements to provide an adequate challenge. Have your class compete with each other for reps and weight - provided the technique is sound. This may take a great deal of involvement from you.

Next we hit the Bells! 23 minutes active (20 minutes of kettlebells with 1 minute of active rest between sets.) 1 minute at each exercise and immediately move the the next exercise. You should count your reps and have targets for each set. The exercises are as follows: 2 handed Swings, Bottoms up Squats, Dual Kettlebell Press, Dual Kettlebell Row and 2 handed Swings again. One minute of active rest - RKC Hip Flexor and/or crucifix and fast & loose drills. Beeep! Round two begins. To give you an idea of reps, I didn’t drop below 40 reps on any set of swings, 30 for Squats, 25 for Presses and 30 for the Rows. Your results may vary - I’d like to hear back from you!

We ended up with 3 sets of Power Planks - 15 seconds on and 15 seconds of rest in between. A light cool down and stretch followed.

Have some fun with this workout and let me know your results!

Strength & Honor,

Coach Phil
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