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Sneak peek: The Table of Contents for Convict Conditioning 2

John Du Cane

Staff member
You asked to see it, so why not? :


Foreword: The Many Roads to Strength by Brooks Kubik =

Opening Salvo: Chewing Bubblegum and Kicking Ass =

1. Introduction: Put Yourself Behind Bars=


Hands and Forearms

2: Iron Hands and Forearms: Ultimate Strength—with
Just Two Techniques ==
3: The Hang Progressions: A Vice-Like Bodyweight Grip Course ==
4: Advanced Grip Torture: Explosive Power + Titanium Fingers ==
5: Fingertip Pushups: Keeping Hand Strength Balanced ==
6: Forearms into Firearms: Hand Strength: A Summary
and a Challenge ==

Lateral Chain
7: Lateral Chain Training: Capturing the Flag ==
8: The Clutch Flag: In Eight Easy Steps ==
9: The Press Flag: In Eight Not-So-Easy Steps ==

Neck and Calves
10. Bulldog Neck: Bulletproof Your Weakest Link ===
11. Calf Training: Ultimate Lower Legs—No Machines Necessary ===


12. Tension-Flexibility: The Lost Art of Joint Training ===
13: Stretching—the Prison Take: Flexibility, Mobility, Control ===
14. The Trifecta: Your “Secret Weapon” for Mobilizing Stiff,
Battle-Scarred Physiques—for Life ===
15: The Bridge Hold Progressions: The Ultimate Pre-hab/Rehab
Technique ===
16: The L-Hold Progressions: Cure Bad Hips and Low Back
—Inside-Out ===
17: Twist Progressions: Unleash Your Functional Triad ===


18. Doing Time Right: Living the Straight Edge ===
19. The Prison Diet: Nutrition and Fat Loss Behind Bars ===
20. Mendin’ Up: The 8 Laws of Healing ===
21. The Mind: Escaping the True Prison ===


Pumpin’ Iron in Prison: Myths, Muscle and Misconceptions ===
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It looks very good sir!

I'll be honest. I normally don't like books when they have little opinions on them by other respected authors (not that you are not respected in CC, but you published it XD).

But this one seems to have a small intro by Brooks. I truly like that here. Very good idea.

I'm wondering something though. Why is the "Bonus Chapter", a bonus chapter?
Is it something that wasn't originally in the book?

Another thing that jumps to me is the L-sit progression added. I thought it was poorly explored in CC (probably for space reasons... totally understandable with such a big book!), but since it's a core exercise of about the same magnitude of Leg Raises (the legs ARE in the same top position), I like that it's making a come-back here.

Finally, I'm quite excited that the only thing I'm using CC for now (in addition to warm-ups) is for the bridge progression. And look here! A chapter on bridging! XD

Hopefully the flag covered here is the flag I'm thinking of (the gymnastics one), because, just like bridging, it has been poorly covered by other literature. Gets my respect if Paul is able to present a creative way to get one.

And, BTW, you said the person for the pics had been kept secret for a while... Can you tell us already, or not??
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New member
Thanks for the glimpse John. Ok im totally stoked now. Can't wait to read it. It'll be fun to read the tidal wave of threads that occur after this comes out. Fun stuff....


New member
John...a sincere request... there's a big chance that it will quite some time before the book hits us here. Would really appreciate if DD could also launch a e book version for non us CC enthusiasts.

BTW love the content....wonder what secrets has coach wade hidden in this one

John Du Cane

Staff member
We intend to have it available as a Kindle and similar formats at the same time as it releases physically.


New member
I'm really looking forward to this one. And thanks for the upcoming e-book versions, I bought the physical CC copy when it was first released, but a few months ago I bought the kindle version, it's been really useful when I'm traveling.


Chris F.

New member
Has the release date been set? Come on man gimme gimme gimme! I've been a good boy, it's all I want from Santa!

Henry Ross

New member
This is going to be the most exciting book on training to come out in YEARS in my honest opinion.

Wade said a mouthful in his "Convict Manifesto", when he said he wanted to replace new school cal with the old school bodyweight methods for power.

I really think this is the book that will really do it.

It has a foreword from Brooks Kubik, for goodness sake! His endorsement screams volumes about the contents. We are talking traditional, no-nonsense, heavy, results-based stuff.

If I could order now, I'd order ten. Same goes for that new Pavel/Dan John book. Dragon Door really are taking things to the next level here.
Looks great and I'll be among the first to order, but where are the chapters on reflex workouts and cardio that were mentioned in the CC Super FAQ?

Henry Ross

New member
Looking big.

Looks great and I'll be among the first to order, but where are the chapters on reflex workouts and cardio that were mentioned in the CC Super FAQ?

I also noticed that.

Looks like--again--Paul just fit in too much again, to cover all the ground he hoped.

This seems to be a fairly "focussed" book, despite the apparent variety of subjects. It really is a proper sequel to Convict Conditioning. If CC is the basic system, this is the rest of the "strength" stuff:

-Ancillary muscles
-Joint toughening
-Diet/life habits for strength, etc.

I'd be interested to know the final page count. Even without cardio or reflex work, this is a LOT of ground for a single book to cover.

I wouldn't be surprised if this book is EVEN BIGGER than CC. And that was BIG for a training book. Shaping up to be great value for money.
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