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Comrade Pavel or anyone else who can answer this...

When doing squats with feet shoulder width (or a little wider) - will this constitute a workout that hits all of your leg muscles (calves included)?
Second question: When doing squats in a wide stance, does this emphasize the quads or hamstrings more?
And third, when letting the weight down, is it necessary to bring the weight really far down, like parallel or even lower????

I find that many people in the gym only bring the weight down to right before parallel. Is there any proof that going all the way parallel or even lower will help in muscle development or strength?



P.S. I'm using PTTP techniques for my workout routines with linear cycling and it's AWESOME.
I'm doing the strength routine.
My squats are up to 210 LBS, weighted DIPS 75 LBS, Behind the neck pullups 50 lbs!!!

Comarade Pavel thanks for the incredible info you provide. You cut through a lot of the B.S. out there and get right to the important stuff.
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