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Stomache vacuum


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I have embarked upon a quest of reducing fat from my body for the purpose of fitting into 32in trousers (or less) with a comfortable loose fit. Also, to actually see a six pack on my body is the other goal. The Holy Grail...hehehe!!! Currently I am into Intermittant Fasting - 60 days thereabouts and going strong. HUGELY SUCCESSFUL! I have come across on the internet the practice of the STOMACHE VACUUM. Seems the Olde Tyme Strongmen employed this technique to strengthen their "inner abs" and to shrink their waists to a significant degree. Has anyone had any experience with SVs and is practicing this technique or is it even worth the trouble. Would like to hear any success stories or any bad side effects of doing this...Dennis


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Hi Dennis,
About 15 years ago, i was doing Vince Gironda stuff, and i did the six week abs course. If i remember, the first week or two was doing stomach vaccuums. Ten sets of tendone throughout the day, breathe all the way in, then all the way out and try to touch your spine with your navel. The book said id lose an inch or two, dont think i did.

The last two weeks of shoulder planches, 3 sets of six three times a week was sheer torture, but the six pack muscles developed quite rapidly.

only real side effect to the vaccuums was getting light headed breathing so hard, then contracting hard and emptying the lungs.

I hope this helps you.


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Thnks for the reply. YouTube has a lot of videos on this. With fasting the belly is empty most of the time - so fasting can facilitate the practice of stomache vacuum. I gave it a try and it did look so dramatic as what is shown on youtube. Like most things its about practice until you master it. I suspect my inner abs are weak, and I must still retain a lot of visceral fat deep in the belly....Dennis


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Also do the side to side rolling (yoga version called Nauli kriya). If you have any digestive glitches it can help enormously over time. Probably best to NOT do any at all is have active Crohn's, colitis, etc where intestinal wall strength/integrity could be compromised by chronic inflammation!
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