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stretching question


New member
I employed both of Pavel's stretching methods and was quickly able to do the front splits (in all of about 2 weeks). However, after a couple months I can't seem to get anywhere on the side splits (let alone roadkill splits). What would the main problem be? Tight hip flexors or hip joint, hams, abductors, adductors etc.? Help.



New member
Strength Is Your Problem.....

Add Front Squats and/or Sumo Deadlifts to your routines and get your hands behind your head when doing isometric side splits. Only going as low as you can with your entire body weight on the adductors develops exeptional strength in the extended position, this will then increase quite rapidly, you'll probably get lower every single time in your RIS routines for the first few weeks or so. Then you may notice some variety and flucuation but always a general improvement on your flexiblity.

Hope this helps,

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