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Stretching the PTTP-way


New member
I have read both PTTP and Naked Warrior and I really liked them. And I appreciate the fact that you can get such great effects with only two exercises.

But when it comes to stretching it's a lot more complicated and in Relax into Stretch there are a lot of different stretches to choose from, and you also need use a lot to go through the whole body.

So, my question is; would it be possible to find, say two, stretch movements that are as effective for stretching the whole body as the deadlift and sidepress are for training the whole body. Which stretch movements would you recommend?

Thank you.


New member
Excellent question Fred99

I am afraid that you will not get many replies to a straight forward stretching question. I look forward to this thread catching on a bit.

My only advice is stretch only that which is tight. This might be hams, hip flexors and pecs if you work at a cpu all day.

Jon Engum RKC

New member
For me personally it is front splits and bretzals. The front split is a big bang for the buck stretch as I can address both the Hams and Hip Flexors at the same time and the Bretzal takes care of everything else.


New member
I use two stretches during my warmups: the Samson stretch and the windmill. I found these helpful in hitting the different areas I need address at one time.
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