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Surprised myself


New member
After many weeks of Purposeful Primitive and Pttp cycling (barbells) I decided to try out my kettlebell MP. I have been babying my shoulder(s) quite awhile to enable complete and total recovery - so I was surprised for what I was about to do. I did 3 reps left and right with my heavest kb - 28kg. Not bad. I have pressed this weight before but never felt the presses were SOLID with the 28kg. The press felt strong with no problems or discomfort. I thought that the lift may be alot harder than what actually transpired. I could have done more reps but I was now thinking of going for the gold. I felt my heart beating in my chest (in a good way - not cardiac arrest..hehe!!) So I tried my two 16kgs STACKED and successfully pressed 2 reps both left and right for a 32kg press. This coming March its back to ETK again for a few cycles!!...Dennis
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