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TacFit Spetsnaz Kettlebell


New member
I'm on the third level of the program and have decided that it's sort of a real gut buster program...not for the faint-of-heart. I can't decide if it's a strength or cardio program as my lungs give-out before my muscles do.
It looks as though the instructor (Scott Sonnen) is using a 32kg bell which is ridiculous for a full 8 exercise combo set. I'm using a 20kg and almost crying at the end of a set. This, after using a 24kg for over 5 years doing thousands of swings/presses/snatches/TGUs/etc.. for a 45 min WO 3x's per week plus running 2 miles 2xs/wk under 15.30.
For anyone that has done the entire 4-level program, what are your thoughts, reactions and do you feel it's time well spent and are the individual exercises beneficial beyond the standard swings/snatches/presses?
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