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Tactical Pullups??? What are they??? n/m


New member
They're pronated grip pull-ups (hands forward), with a thumbless grip. So designed for those folks who find themsevles pulling themselves up on window ledges and rooftops (Think Law Enforcment and Military).

junky grip

New member
i have wanted to say this for a long time

things like tactical pull ups,boot camp class work outs are fake.they take something regular and make it sound flashy or "hard" i use hard like a 0311 would use hard.working as a fire team or squad going over walls or into windows is team work not what grip you train on pullups. a thumbless grip pull up is just a thumbless grip pullup.


New member
Better off...

Actually climbing walls and windows instead. The funny thing is, the thumb can be used most if not all of the time in a "real" scenario. I often find my thumbs would dig underneath the window sill or into the wall when I'm out running and looking for something new to do pullups on.
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