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Template by Pavel


New member
I found this template by Pavel among my files. Don't remember where and when I got it. It's for those interested in both strength and conditioning, and goes as follows for example: Mon (strength) - Tues (conditioning, ballistics like swings, snatches) - rest - Thu (strength) - Fri (conditioning). Getups and windmills can be fitted into any day. He says further that the template can be used for years. However, the specific exercises can be changed from time to time. Anyone tried this and what were the results?


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Pretty much what I do most of the time and I am having good results in terms of mass and fat%. Which are my interests... Strength is a nice side effect of it all.

monday: rest.
tuesday: conditioning (ie. LISS running, sprints, KB complexes, whatever)
Wednesday: resistance training. "upper body" + grip work.
thursday: rest.
friday: conditioning like tuesday
saturday: resistance training: "lower body" + grip work
sunday: rest

I mix it up every now and then as per Rob Regish's "The Blueprint" but pretty much this is what I do and have found it to be somewhat of the best match for me. Just strength training 2x / week seemed insane to me at first but I learnt to love low frequency training when I did a go of Dan Johns "Mass Made Simple."


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So the template of Strength, Conditioning, rest, Strength, Conditioning, is the basis of the Program minimum. I found that it was amazing for an all purpose fitness routine. I stayed on that template/PM for 6 months. Everyone is different though. I know my results I got were droped weight, improved body fat% and moderate strength gains. However my focus was swings and conditioning intensive. So I got out of it what I put into it. I have not used this template for strength gains, but I can see where one can make gains in that reguard.
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