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Thanks Mike


New member
And, How's it going btw ? I don't post nearly as much as I used to. Workouts have been steady nonetheless.

Yeah, the sprints - I was thinking about doing one session a week HIIT style. Seems like Clarence Bass maintains that you can get good results on one Tabata-style session per week. I used to do nothing but HIIT sprinting for my cardio / fat loss. I think I was doing 30 sec sprints followed by 1 min jogs for about 12 minutes per session. Got really good results in terms of fat loss at the time, and it seemed to do my overall energy level alot of good.

Are you still doing GS ?


New member
Getting back into it.

I'm getting back into GS training - I've moved up to the 32s. Been doing lots of GPP workouts lately to build work capacity.

The other two guys are right - I shouldn't have said "puke" when describing intensity.
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