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The advantages of being a Dragon Door affiliate

John Du Cane

Staff member
Thank you for your support and loyalty! We are glad that you have found our resources to have helped you so much in your health and strength journey…

This is a just a note to let you know (or remind you) that Dragon Door has a very generous affiliate program that rewards you handsomely for any referrals to that result in a sale over a six month period.

You will see that you get a 10% commission on any workshop registration (earn up to $150 per sale), 15% on equipment (earn up to $60 per sale) and 30% on a book or video (earn up to $6 per sale).

Sound good? It just takes a minute to join and it’s a simple process to start adding your affiliate ID to any recommendation you make on our behalf.

Thanks and we look forward to sending you those commissions on a monthly basis!
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